Our most recent PPG Event was a rousing success, with around 30 people joining us in person for a very interesting presentation by Dr Katherine Hickman on COPD.  Full minutes from this event are below;


PPG Meeting Minutes – 13th September 2022 – 1.30pm @ Shipley Library

Alan Camplin welcomed everyone to the meeting, our second open meeting since February 2020, with 30 attendees, 13 from Windhill Green, 5 from Saltaire, 4 from Baildon, 3 from Cottingley and 2 from Idle practices plus 3 from elsewhere.

Alan introduced Dr. Katherine Hickman, lead for Respiratory Disease in Bradford, Leeds and West Yorkshire who gave a superb presentation on C.O.P.D.  and highlighted the work she was doing and hoping to do in the future. She welcomed one to one contact from people who either suffer from the disease or want to find out more about it, and her email address is KatherineA.Hickman@bradford.nhs.uk.

Following this presentation Alan introduced Dr. Markey, Alan Bennett, our IT Manager, and Liz Pickles our recently appointed Patient Services Manager who gave a brief resume of her position. Dr. Markey mentioned that 2 new Practice Nurses and 3 new Receptionists have joined the team. He also briefly mentioned the development which will take place at Windhill Green, currently scheduled to commence in November.

The Flu Clinics were mentioned, which are all pre bookable appointments (no walk-ins) commencing 17th September and continuing every Saturday until mid-October.  Each week is dedicated to a certain age group – over 65s, under 65s or 2-3 year olds – and patients are being invited to book in.  The practice is not providing Covid Jabs, which need booking separately via the NHS website or by ringing 119 where appointments would be offered at the nearest vaccination centre or pharmacy.

Alan also mentioned Wrose Dementia Group who meet at St. Cuthberts Church, Wrose Road on the first and third Mondays 13.30 – 15.30.  This group has its own Facebook group for more information, which can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1492139404499192.

Our next open meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 15th November 2022 – 1.30 pm at Room 2 Shipley Library when the subject will be Statins.

For the future Alan also mentioned via Chris Quinn, one of our Steering Group members, he was in touch with the Program Manager for PROSPER who are involved in research to test and develop a new type of care which aims to improve the quality of life for older people with frailty. We hope to organise a meeting in the new year as well as looking at organizing meetings for a larger group of patients.

We hope to put down an agenda for future meetings in the New Year. If any patient would like a specific topic covering the Steering Group will be only too pleased to consider their request.