Spring COVID booster and Pneumonia Vaccination

We are delighted to announce that we will be participating in the Spring 2024 COVID booster campaign.

Who is eligible ?

All patients over the age of 75 and patients with weakened immune systems under the age of 75.

We will be vaccinating adults aged 18 years and over in our clinics.

Any eligible patients under the age of 18 should book their booster via the NHS website, with Rimmingtons currently providing the service for under 18s in Bradford.

How will I be invited ?

We will contact all eligible patients via text message with an invitation to book their appointment online.

We will telephone patients who we do not hold a mobile phone number for or whom we are aware do not use text messaging.

When are your clinics ?

Saturday 18th May.  The clinics will run all day.  Further clinics may be added dependent on demand.  These will run at our Windhill site.

What about housebound and care home patients ?

Visits for care home and housebound patients will commence from mid-April until the end of June.  Patients whom we are aware are housebound will be contacted ahead of their home visit.

Pneumonia Vaccination

Just as we offered flu alongside COVID in our Autumn clinics we are pleased to be offering a pneumonia vaccination to eligible patients at our Spring clinics.

For most patients this is a one-off vaccination given to those aged 65 years and over which protects against bacterial infections which can cause illnesses such as pneumonia, sepsis, meningitis, and sinusitis.

This vaccination can be given at the same time as a COVID vaccination.