Asthma Clinic

Several members of our clinical team hold qualifications in the management of Asthma and are able to advise about monitoring, control and management of acute episodes.

inhaler210% of our practice population has an asthma diagnosis. However not all have current active symptoms.

If, as an asthma sufferer you have had to use your inhaler medication in the last 12 months then we would recommend that you see our trained nurses in asthma care. They will review your current treatment regimen, check your inhaler technique and offer solutions to difficulties you may be having with dealing with this condition.

The outcomes of your asthma review:

  • Monitor your condition and adjust treatment.
  • Alleviate symptoms.
  • Discuss shared care and responsibility.
  • Use of educational material.
  • Peak flows monitoring for all asthma patients.

Asthma reviews are carried out as part of our Long Term Conditions programme.

Useful Links:

Asthma UK

British Lung foundation – asthma information

British Lung Foundation Breathe Easy support groups

NHS smoking cessation support or call our local services direct on 01274 437700.