COPD Clinic

Our expert teams run clinics in chronic respiratory conditions across all our locations.

COPD is generally a smoking related condition. It is estimated to affect 1 in 4 susceptible smokers. It affects sufferers in different ways but will lead to marked disability unless action is taken.

COPD progresses slowly and sufferers do not normally seek medical attention until their disease is quite advanced. Although smokers in their thirties may have early COPD, they often attribute their symptoms to a “smokers cough” and modify their daily activity to avoid exercise which provides breathlessness. By the time they seek help it may be to late for appropriate treatment. Terms like emphysema or chronic bronchitis have been used to describe this condition.

What can you do?

The most effective treatment is to stop smoking. This will reduce the rate of decline as we are unable to reverse this condition.

If you wish to give up smoking please contact the Stop Smoking Service on 01274 437700.

Most of the treatments available for COPD are about trying to alleviate symptoms. During our clinics and usual surgery times we are happy to discuss these various options.

COPD reviews are carried out as part of our Long Term Conditions programme.

Discover more about COPD from the NHS.The British Lung Foundation site is also very helpful.

More information on stopping smoking or make your own plan with NHS support  here.