Long Term Conditions programme

All of our patients with one or more long term condition will be contacted annually to offer them a full health check with a Nurse or Health Care Assistant.

Conditions covered include high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions, asthma, COPD, some mental health conditions and learning difficulties. An initial appointment could include blood and/or urine tests, measuring blood pressure, weight and height, a general well-being review and specific checks tailored to the individual.  Following on from this we may arrange a more in-depth discussion with an appropriate health professional and medications will be reviewed by the practice pharmacist, in conjunction with the doctors.

This might take anything from 10 to 50 minutes, depending on the circumstance.  Following on from this we may arrange a further telephone or face to face appointment with an appropriate health professional for a more in-depth discussion.

All patients will be offered a review at least once a year.  As far as possible (though not exclusively) this will be linked to their month of birth, ie if your birthday is August 20th you can expect to be contacted in August to invite you to book your review appointment.

Asthma Clinic

Information for patients on monitoring, control and management of acute episodes.


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COPD Clinic

Our teams run clinics for chronic respiratory patients. Find out more.


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Diabetes Clinic

We have experts trained in the management of Diabetes at all sites.


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Healthy Heart Clinic

We offer an annual check up if you suffer from heart disease.


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Mental Health Support

Advice and resources.


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Weight Management

We offer advice and encouragement.


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