Power of Attorney

Due to advice from the British Medical Association and General Medical Council on ‘conflicts of interest’ we no longer offer mental capacity assessments for Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) as a service.

To make a valid LPA it is necessary for someone to provide a certificate confirming that the individual in question has the capacity to make an LPA. There are two types of Certificate Provider.

  • A ‘knowledge-based’ provider, which is someone who has known the Donor personally for over two years,
  • A ‘skills-based’ provider who has the relevant professional skills and expertise to enable them to make a judgement about mental capacity.

For a skills-based provider the acceptable categories are:

  • A registered healthcare professional
  • A solicitor, barrister
  • A registered social worker
  • An Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA)
  • Someone not from the above list that can show what their relevant professional skills and expertise in determining mental capacity are

As a practice we do not undertake this non-NHS work and we suggest you seek an alternative certificate provider from the above list.