GP Specialist Trainees

We are an approved site for GP specialist training.  Doctors in training are referred to as GP Registrars (GPRs) or Speciality Trainees.  They are fully qualified and will usually have spent at least two years in hospital posts, after graduating from Medical School, before joining the local training scheme.  This comprises a three year programme, including further hospital posts in departments with particular relevance for General Practice and 18 months in Primary Care.

From February 2024 our GPs in training are Dr Asad Ashraf, Dr Umar Fiaz, Dr Sadiah Lala, Dr Sarah Rashid, Dr Faizan Sarwar and Dr Amarpreet Toor.

All of our GP Registrars work independently though are supervised by a designated GP for each of their surgeries; they also each have a GP Trainer whose role is to help them to develop their skills and oversee their progress.  At times you may be offered a consultation with one of our GPRs and we trust that this will be acceptable to you.  You may also be asked if the consultation could be recorded for training purposes, or given the opportunity to give them feedback on your experience of the encounter.  You are under no obligation to agree to any of these requests, however as a Practice we firmly believe that learning is a lifelong process for us all and hope you will support us in bringing up the next generation of GPs so that they can continue the vital work of Primary Care into the future.