The Saltaire & Windhill Medical Partnership

Our vision

As a new combined partnership we share a high quality, patient-centred approach to caring for our patients, whilst safeguarding work life balance for both ourselves and our teams.

We are passionate about education at all levels. Our practice is a supportive learning environment where staff of all grades and positions can develop and flourish.

We look to strengthen ourselves through sustainability and efficiency in all aspects of practice life – business, financial, workforce and ourselves.

We are proud of our practice identity, and our passion for creative approaches to the challenges we face in healthcare and its delivery.

We take ownership and place a high value on maintaining autonomy in our approach to challenges. We take pride in our identity and reputation.

We are forward thinking and aspirational in all aspects of service delivery, including technology.

We come from a background of two strong, high performing practices who shared harmonizing aspirations and ethos. Together we are becoming an evolutionary practice resilient to change, ready to take advantage of the collaborative working opportunities posed by merging.

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