Introduction to First Aid Course

Following reports of a child choking to death on a grape we came up with the idea of organizing a brief course aimed at parents, grandparents, babysitters etc. With shared cost between the Practice and the PPG we have organised courses twice a year and hope to continue this post Covid. By receiving the confidence to use the skills learned one attendee was able to save a person from choking by performing the ‘Abdominal thrust’ procedure.


Child Oximeters

Prior to the merger the Windhill Green Practice approached the PPG to raise funds to purchase oximeters for children at a cost of £40 to £50 each.  Twelve were required; one for each GP in the Practice. Over a short period with a variety of fund raising activities the funds were raised and the purchase made.


Supporting the Practice with the Clinical Commissioning Group(CCG)

From the CCG commencement members of the PPG Steering Group have actively been involved with the Patient Network in the organization and participation in their meetings. The dedication of 2 of the Steering Group members have been recognized with awards and one of our members sits on the Patient Network Steering Group. In addition to these meetings we have actively been involved with helping other Patient Groups establishing themselves.



One of the roles of this new PPG will be to produce a quarterly newsletter for Patients. We would welcome any Patient who has the necessary skills to help us with this task. A recently retired journalist, editor or previous newsletter writer would be a great asset to our Group, who would be willing to help out where needed. We need some help so anyone who feels they can assist us with the above please contact the PPG using our contact us page, or leave your contact details at any of the receptions marked for my attention


Directory of local services

A few years ago we thought it would be a good idea to put together a Directory of Local Services and asked the GP’s what would make them use this directory when with patients. The answer was it must be on their computer’s home page so we put together the directory in a simple form with an index of services and each provider having their own contact details. All the GP had to do was to look at the index, open the relevant page and print the details to give to the patient.


Health Awareness Days

Almost all our PPG meetings can be classed as Health Awareness sessions as we usually take a topic, ask a clinician to talk about it and have a guest speaker to compliment the meeting. However during the year we have held separate evening meetings on a specific  subject usually at the Cottingley/Saltaire surgeries.


Health Chairs in the Waiting room

Observation of patients in the waiting rooms led us to request special chairs with armrests for those whose mobility is impaired.


New telephone appointment times

During our stints in the waiting rooms talking to patients it became apparent not everyone was able to receive a telephone call between the then usual hours of 11.30 – 12.30. The practice acted on our comments and provided later call times where applicable.


Use of SMS

To help reduce wasted appointments the PPG actively encouraged the use of SMS text messaging to remind people of their appointments.


Waiting Room Water Machines

A simple request from patients passed on during the National Patient Week as an idea to make things more pleasant was acted upon by the Practice.  Water coolers are now installed in the practice waiting areas.

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