The Patient Participation Group held our first open and in person meeting since February 2020 at Shipley Library on 5th July 2022.  The turnout was fantastic, with 26 attendees joining us to chat about the practice, and to hear from Dr Markey and Dr Haddad.

Alan – the PPG chair, welcomed everyone to the meeting.  There were 26 attendees – 15 from Windhill Green, 5 from Saltaire, 4 from Baildon, 1 from Cottingley and even 1 from Idle practices.

Alan mentioned the latest news items with the recognition of the success of the WISHH (Windhill, Idle and Saltaire Happy & Healthy) working with the proactive Care Team providing person centred care(and to encourage self-care) for people with moderate frailty to prevent it from becoming severe. Results have shown the project has already transformed 300 people with a mix of health and social care.

Alan also mentioned Wrose Dementia Group who meet at St. Cuthberts Church, Wrose Road on the first and third Mondays 13.30 – 15.30.

There was also the Roberts Park Park Run on Saturday 16th July 9.00am.

He then introduced Dr. Markey who gave an informative talk on ‘How to get a good night’s sleep‘, which was followed by Dr. Haddad who gave a presentation on the new Integrated Care System which has replaced Clinical Commissioning Groups. Both presentations were well received and both Doctors stayed behind to talk to the patients afterward.

In view of the success of this meeting, the Steering Group will meet as soon as possible to put down an agenda for future meetings. If any patient would like a specific topic covering the Steering Group will be only too pleased to consider their request.