The NHS Covid Pass

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NHS Covid Pass?

An NHS Covid Pass is evidence of your Covid vaccination / test result status.  There are two types of pass – for travelling abroad, or for attending events domestically.  The pass will show your Covid vaccination history and any PCR or Lateral Flow test results that have been registered.


Who can get an NHS Covid Pass?

Anyone age 16 or over can register for an NHS Covid Pass.  They are not available for people under 16.


How can I get an NHS Covid Pass?

You can get a digital pass by downloading and registering for the ‘NHS App’.  Anyone age 16 or over can register for the ‘NHS App’.

You can also apply for a written pass if you cannot access the app. Go to to apply for a written Covid Pass.

Your GP practice does not provide evidence of Covid-19 status.  We can give online access to records for individuals which will show vaccination history, however this may not always be accepted as evidence of Covid-19 status.


How do I register for the NHS App?

Once you have downloaded the NHS App to your device you will be able to create an NHS Login.  There are two options when creating an NHS Login – you can either prove your identity using your own ID if you have it, or you can contact your GP practice for a linkage ID and passphrase.

You can access the Frequently Asked Questions for the NHS App at NHS App help and support – NHS (

Your GP practice cannot register you for the NHS App, but we can provide you with a linkage key and passphrase if needed.


How do I record my Covid-19 test results?

Any PCR tests you have done will automatically be added to your record and be linked to your Covid Pass.

Any Lateral Flow tests you do should be recorded online at to link the result to your Covid Pass.

Your GP practice cannot add your test result to your Covid Pass.


Does ‘Proxy Access’ work with the NHS Covid Pass?

No, proxy access does not work with NHS Covid Pass.  Anyone age 16 or over should register for their own NHS Login to obtain their Covid Pass.  The Covid pass is not available to anyone under 16.

Your GP practice cannot register individuals for an NHS Login or give proxy access to the NHS Covid Pass.


I had a Covid vaccination but it isn’t appearing on my Covid Pass – who do I contact?

If your Covid Vaccination was given here at Saltaire and Windhill Medical Partnership then please contact us and we can investigate.

If your vaccine was given elsewhere you should contact the organization who gave you your Covid vaccine and ensure that they have added it to Pinnacle (the NHS online system for recording Covid vaccines).

Your GP practice can only add or amend vaccination records that were given by your GP practice.  They cannot add or amend vaccines given at other sites.


Can I add vaccinations done abroad to my NHS Covid Pass?

You can tell the NHS about vaccinations you have had abroad by going to and completing the online form.

You an also register vaccines done abroad by calling 119.

Your GP Practice cannot add vaccinations done abroad to your Covid Pass.