Patient Participation Group Meeting Tuesday 14th February 2023 1.30pm Shipley Library

Meeting Notes

Alan Camplin welcomed everyone to the meeting wishing all a Happy New Year with 25 attendees; 14 from Windhill Green, 3 from Saltaire, 1 from Baildon, 2 from Cottingley and 2 from Idle, plus 2 members of staff from the Practice.

Alan introduced Anne Heaven from the Bradford Institute for Health Research accompanied by her colleague Matthew Prescott. They gave a detailed presentation on the various aspects of their work which included the Academic Unit for Ageing and Stroke Research (ASR). They went over their strategic aims with the central message of ‘Research that improves lives’ around Ageing & Frailty, Stroke Rehabilitation, Care Homes and Medicine Optimisation for Older People.  All of these projects include patient and public involvement.

Some of the questions raised in the past include under HERO project – How can we reduce the loss of independence that often affects older patients when discharged from hospital? Under the PROSPER project – Does Personal Care Planning for older people with frailty improve quality of life and reduce health and social care resource use at 12 months? Under PATCH project – Is it possible to do a full-scale evaluation of the Skilful Care Training Package? And Under RECREATE Project – How do we enhance health and disability outcomes for stroke survivors through the development and evaluation of strategies to reduce sedentary behaviour?  A further item was ‘How should pain management services for older people with frailty be organised and delivered’?

The success of research was delivered and the upcoming opportunities for Patient involvement were discussed including

  • Hearing Impairment in older age – in development
  • Wellbeing of older Women – Literature review – proposal.
  • Wellbeing of older Women – Osteoporosis care – second stage application
  • HERO dissemination – end of study results.

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Anne on 01274 382815 or by email to

There were numerous questions and Chris Q and Sid B (both patients at the practice) mentioned their involvement going back some years.

Unfortunately our second speaker today did not arrive but Anne and Matthew filled our time brilliantly.

Tea/Coffee followed with time for a good chat.

Our next meeting is Tuesday 25th April 1.30pm Room 2 Shipley Library covering the topic of Preventive Medicine.